Exchange Track Services started as a small family-owned business in 2005. However, it quickly grew into a leading, national organisation for the manufacture, repair and refurbishment of undercarriages for the mining and construction industry. Their existing branding was limited and did not reflect the quality product and service that ETS offered. The client rebranded to their family name ‘Maskill’ which led to a new logo and a full overhaul of everything form their uniforms, the buildings, machinery and website.


The bespoke ‘M’ is made up from the various shapes of mining equipment undercarriages. The brand had to be strong and simple enough to be welded or laser cut into heavy-duty machinery and to represent the strength and quality that Maskill pride themselves on.


Project deliverables:

  • Branding
  • Brand style
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Staff Uniforms
  • Motion Graphics
  • Photography direction
  • Videography direction
  • Art Direction

Project worked on at Brother & co.